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Top One Pest Control

Top One Services deals with Pest Control as approach of company to be a contributor to the planned maintenance program. Also, to ensure integrated higher standards of public health hygiene within the environment. We have competent contribution to the innovation of Pest Control Industry in Dubai which is going within accordance of the recent progress & renaissance of Dubai city. Provide of different Pest Control services through annual, monthly and once-basis contracts, in addition of fulfilling the calls-out immediately.

Professional Quality

We are proud to offer professional pest control technologies in accordance with Integrated Pest Management-IPM, which is considered as the most recent & updated methods of pest management around the world.

Integrated Pest Management – IPM

IPM is an effective and environmentally sensitive approach to long-term management of pest problems by the most economical means and with minimum impact on human health, property and the environment. Programs are educationally based (Strong knowledge of the target pest population dynamics is required) and use a combination of pest prevention methods, non-chemical treatments and, if needed, least toxic alternatives, to solve pest problems in sensitive environments.

Economic & Eco- friendly

We will bring you, from around the globe, the most effective and environmentally responsible solutions for a safe and economical urban integrated pest management in sensitive environments.

Municipality Approval

Our company is approved by Dubai Municipality, classified and listed within DM list of the Approved Pest Control Companies, this eligibility accomplished after pass of the staff to DM Standard Tests.

Target Pests:

1) Flying and Crawling Pests:
a) Flying Pests: Mosquitoes, Flies, and Others
b) Crawling Pests: Cockroaches, Bed Bugs, Fleas, Ants, Etc.
2) Rodents: Rats and Mice.
3) Store Pests: Red Flour Beetle , Rice Weevle and Others
4) Termites: Various.
5) Arachnids: Red Back Spider, Scorpions, Etc.
6) Feral Birds: Pigeons & Others.
7) Microbial Organisms: Bacteria, Fungi, Viruses Etc.

Pest Control Services:

A. Pest Control Services ( PCS )
B. Special Report Services ( SRS )
C. Training Services (TS).

A) Pest Control Services

These include 6 packages of services:
1. General Pest Control Services:
Control of all types of crawling and flying insects (e.g. cockroaches, bed bugs, ant sand , etc.) from residential /governmental buildings ,adopting techniques such as
residual sprayings, using updated formulations such as microencapsulated, least toxic, DM approved insecticides, also techniques of ant/roach baits such gel using with standard guns .

2. Rat Control Services:

Rodents include, rats and mice, they are dangerous pests cause big damage to data, telephone, electricity cables also damages to gas conduits, affecting of fire problems. Plague and typhus are considered as the dangerous diseases cause by rats, accordingly these animals considered as the pests that should be eradicated.
Standard control programs:
Adopting international standards of Rat Control programs , multidose (anticoagulant) & single dose (acute poison) systems these systems applicable with planned time program ,such these programís shall be conducted within trained, professional supervisors following up multi-visits for the premises. Other RC techniques include glue traps, effective fumigation and dusting of outdoor treatments .All mentioned techniques and others are conducted with prior of full survey and inspection for the infested areas using modern ways of survey and monitoring. Appropriate precautions of safety shall be done whilst operations.

3. Fumigation Services:

Store Pests
These are pests live inside warehouses, stores and all packages of food products found in ships in factories etc. These insects feed on food products such as grains, pulse crops and others.
Damage Infestation:
These pests cause damage, deterioration and spoiling of food products.
Treatment by Fumigation:
Methods of fumigation (gassing) the vessels, stores or ships shall be conducted by using phosphine gas or methyl bromide or others. These procedures shall be supervised by Pest control specialists and trained PCOs taking the safety procedures as top priorities .Certificate of fumigation shall be awarded to the client after the treatment, proved the free of pest.

4. Termite Control Services:

Subterranean termites lives in tunnels below soil surface in colonies. The biology of the insects indicates these insects live in social status. They feed on woody material and all materials contain cellulose.
Damage & Infestation:
Termites classified as economic pest because this Insect causes damage to woody constructions in buildings, furnitureís, and all woody assemblies.
Substances so they make usually high infestations and huge damage to precious doors, windows, and roof made from wood, also furnitureís as well as files and books. High humidity and temperatures are favorable with them.

Termite Control Service:

These services are available and ready to be conducted to buildings, villas and governmental buildings
There are two types of treatment systems as followed:
a) Preconstruction Treatments: These are techniques conducted to control termites before establishment of certain building.

b) Post construction treatments:

these are techniques are conducted to control termites afterbuilding establishment.
In both above treatments, company shall use updated, safe and effective termiticides, applicable with special standard machine, operated and supervised with trained approved Supervisor & PCOs.
Long time Guarantee:
Long years guarantee is awarded to the client immediately after finishing treatment this guarantee make insurance of free of termites to certain building.
Contract of Termite Control shall be conducted contains all above offers for the interested client.
5. Control of arachnids pests:
Control of pests that cause poisonous biting, stings like spiders (red back spider, scorpions etc).
6. Control of feral birds:
Control of birds that considered as pest using innovative bird control techniques.
7. Control of microbial organisms:
Control of bacteria, fungi, viruses etc using modern disinfectants.

B) Special Report Services:

Top One Dubai shall provide technical report about Pest Status, Sanitations and Proofing of Premises that need these services; such these reports shall be accomplished after a visit and conducting full survey and inspection. Recommendations shall be implicated in the report as significant component.

C)Training Services

Top One Dubai provide premises , such as hotels, restaurants, that require such these services as Training Programs about management pests in food premises , identifications ,good sanitation , pest proofing systems, and using of non chemical control methods, these programs planned in accordance to British Pest Control Methods. Certified, DM approved Entomologist available to conduct to these services.

Target Premises:

· Fleas Educational Institutions
· Flies (Schools, daycare Centers, Convention Halls)
· Fire Ants Food Industry
· Lice (Restaurants, Fast Food, Food Processing Plants…)
· Mosquitoes Health Care Facilities
· Wasps (Hospitals, Nursing Home, Medical Clinics…)
· Arachnids High Tech Operations
· Mites (Computers, Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical Plants…)
· Ticks Hospitality Industry
· Scorpions (Hotels, Motels, Resorts…)
· Spiders Public Housing
· Rodents Public Transportation
· Mice (Air Planes, Trains, Buses, Cruise Ships…)
· Rats Recreational Facilities
· Microbiological Organisms (Theme & Water Parks, Camps, Country Clubs…)
· Bacteria, Fungi Retail
· Viruses, Protozoa (Shopping Malls, Supermarkets…)
· Animal Care facilities
· Cockroaches (Animal Research Laboratories, Pet Shops, Zoos…)

Top One Dubai, Pest Control Crew:
Top One Dubai Operated by qualified and highly skilled trained Pest control operators (PCOs); approved by Municipality, ID holders. Pest Control Engineer (Entomologist) with high qualifications, approved by Municipality, is a leader of the crew.

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